Sailing the Kingdom of Tonga

A yacht provides unparallelled access to dozens of pristine islands in Tonga's northern region. This allows close contact with migrating Humpback whales and easy access to active volcanoes sprouting from the Pacific Ocean. See the Feature Story from the Tongan Islands.

The Andes Triangle

The region where Peru, Bolivia and Chile meet is one of the most spectacular in South America. It boasts high altitude scenery steeped in enigmatic Incan myths and legends. Discover natural attractions like Lake Titicaca and Atacama desert - the driest in the world. See the Feature Story from South America.

Fire & Water: Wild Guatemala

Guatemala's natural beauty and Mayan culture make it a memorable destination in Central America. Where else can you stir flowing lava with a stick and let ravenous fish give you a pedicure? See the Feature Story from Central America (or check out the Guatemala Slideshow).

A Classic Baja Roadtrip

Mexico's parched desert peninsula has inspired dozens of classic Spaghetti Western movies.
Find out why adventerous travellers and dedicated surfers return again and again to Baja's harsh, cactus-infested stretch of raw beauty. See the Feature Story from Mexico.

Mysteries of Mariner's Cave

An enchanted kingdom lays hidden beneath the surface of Tonga's tropical waters. It takes a leap of faith to reach this otherworldy grotto, but the scenic rewards are undeniable. See the Feature Story from Mariner's Cave, Tonga.

Colombia's Caribbean Coast

Once the realm of raiding pirate galleons, now the sweaty jewel in Colombia's fast-exploding tourist crown, this stretch of coast is still unspoilt. However, there's more to this region than just the Caribbean beach of your dreams. See the Feature Story from Colombia's Caribbean (or check out the Colombia Slideshow).

High Voltage Entertainment

Meet the reclusive personality behind the insane antics of The Lightning Rider. Learn how a home-made device can produce three million volts of deadly electricity, yet not annihilate the person who wields such elemental power. See the Feature Story about The Lightning Rider.

Megalithic Flores Island

This little-visited backwater of the Indonesian empire offers many unexpected treasures. From megalithic-era villages to exquisite thermal pools and a sacred volcano with a colourful secret. See the Feature Story from Flores Island (or check out the Indonesia Slideshow).

Revolution Time

The story of the global Adbusters organisation and an in-depth interview with founder, Kalle Lasn. From spoof advertisements, to anti-consumerism campaigns, Adbusters continues to be a thorn in the side of non-ethical global corporations. See the Lifestyle Feature from Canada.

Middle East Overland

Bursting with a colourful ancient history of camel caravan trade routes and religious conflict, the Middle East is an intoxicating cultural cauldron. Get a taste of some highlights from Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. See the Feature Story from the Middle East.

Vietnam's Fascinating North

The Communist stronghold that survived relentless American bombing in the 1960s is now one of the most popular travel spots in South East Asia. With attractions like the mountain village of Sapa, the Perfume Pagoda and sparkling Halong Bay, it's not hard to see why. Read the Feature Story from Northern Vietnam.

Kava Kulture

The culture of many South Pacific nations is closely intwined with a narcotic extracted from the roots of the Kava plant. Fijian islanders consume arguably the largest quantity of this natural intoxicant of any people in the world. Learn more about Kava and the rituals surrounding it in the Kava Kulture Feature Story from Fiji.

New Zealand Surfing Gallery

Its location at the far south of the Pacific Ocean places New Zealand in the firing line of constant Antarctic swells. Although local surfers must endure frigid waters for much of the year, the world-class surf is worth the pain. See the Surfing Photostory from New Zealand.

Portugal and the Sea

This small European nation that once controlled a mighty empire thanks to the strength of its navy has always had a close connection to the ocean. Its unhurried pace and old-world charms attract many visitors. Surfers are also drawn by the promise of the best waves in Europe. See the Feature Story from Portugal.

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